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Monster Junk Series

Reviewing sex toys full-time isn’t exactly how Jonah has expected his life to end up, but it’s what has him at the headquarters of Sensual Playthings, talking to CEO Ezekiel Timpson about his brand-new product line.

Ez wants a tester… but with a twist.

These new toys are modelled on some decidedly non-human anatomy, so he wants Jonah to do a comparison. He needs to try the creature before he tries the toy.

Lucky for him, Jonah is more than happy to dive in.

The Vampire’s Husbands Series

Amos knew when he rode off to war that he was leaving his lover behind. He expected to survive or to die… not to endure as one of the undead.

Warren is unwilling to give up on a love whose body was never found. They unite once again, but it seems the universe has plans beyond the two of them.

Just how many mates can one vampire have?

Breaking Him In Series

Lucky knows better than to let his eyes linger on the gorgeous men who work on his father’s ranch, but he just can’t help himself.

Whether it’s Duke, his father’s right-hand man, or Cooper, who knows his way around a rope, Lucky just can’t get enough.

It’s not long before the rest of the ranch hands catch on – and Lucky gets the good time he’s really been looking for.

Pillaged Booty Series

Alston’s looking for an adventure, one he finds aboard The Damnation, run by observant first mate Roark Burton and the enigmatic Captain Hale.

As Captain Hale’s cabin boy, Alston has to be ready to attend to his every need. Roark wants a taste, too, and is of the opinion that Alston fits into their dynamic perfectly.

And while Hale might be a greedy pirate, he also likes to show off his treasures – it just so happens that Alston is the shining jewel of his collection.

Fanged Lovers Series

Eddie might be a big guy, but he’s more than willing to fall to his knees for the right person – or the right vampire. Alistair’s fine with that. He’s always been the kind of vampire who chases after what he wants. Can he help Eddie become the good boy he’s always wanted to be?

Buttoned-up Pascal has never found anyone so annoying as Hunter Wyatt. Still, when they’re forced to work together to stop a rogue vampire, that irritation spills over into something more… fun. Forces and their own doubts might try and keep them apart, but Wyatt can’t help the way he needs to submit to Pascal. Annoying him just makes it all the better.

Dominic is experienced, and he doesn’t know if he’s looking for someone as young and green as Tomos, but he can’t deny the young hunter knows what he wants. Tomos is happy to submit in every way. Dominic offers him something more: the chance to play with some of his friends and their boys and take some control of his own. Still, just because Tomos is playing, it doesn’t mean he won’t be punished for disobeying the rules.

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