Fanged Lovers: The Story So Far…

Eddie might be a big guy, but he’s more than willing to fall to his knees for the right person – or the right vampire.

Alistair’s fine with that. He’s always been the kind of vampire who chases after what he wants. Can he help Eddie become the good boy he’s always wanted to be?

Buttoned-up Pascal has never found anyone so annoying as Hunter Wyatt. Still, when they’re forced to work together to stop a rogue vampire, that irritation spills over into something more… fun.

Forces and their own doubts might try and keep them apart, but Wyatt can’t help the way he needs to submit to Pascal. Annoying him just makes it all the better.

Dominic is experienced, and he doesn’t know if he’s looking for someone as young and green as Tomos, but he can’t deny the young hunter knows what he wants.

Tomos is happy to submit in every way. Dominic offers him something more: the chance to play with some of his friends and their boys and take some control of his own.

Still, just because Tomos is playing, it doesn’t mean he won’t be punished for disobeying the rules.

Mastered by the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book One)

“You sure?” Eddie asked.

Alistair basked in the warmth of him. Such a sweet man, but Alistair did want to make one thing clear. “I never say anything I’m unsure about,” he said, and met Eddie’s eyes. “Never. If I offer something, it’s because I want you to take it.”

“And right now?”

“I’m offering myself.”

Eddie works the night shift in a twenty-four-hour cafe, keeps mostly to himself, and tries not to obsess over the hot young guy who comes in every night to talk to him. He definitely doesn’t fantasise about him and definitely, definitely doesn’t find his commanding presence to be a turn-on.

Alistair doesn’t want to push too much – but he can’t help how attracted he is to the sweet human who works in the cafe. Eddie might be a big guy but that doesn’t mean he won’t submit to all Alistair’s experience, even if he doesn’t know about that whole vampire part yet.

Defended by the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book Two)

“I just- I don’t want either of us to have unrealistic expectations.”

Eddie sighed, crossed the room, and dropped to his knees in front of Alistair. “We’re going to have ridiculously unrealistic expectations,” he said, and he was smiling. “Not always of each other, but of what we want. It’s just… reality is going to be better than that, right? Because we’ll have each other.”

Alistair smiled back. “I’m feeling like we’re in a pretty unrealistic moment right now.”

Eddie and Alistair have been seeing each other for a month and they can’t keep their hands off each other. It wouldn’t be a problem – except they both feel they have a lot to talk about before Alistair can give Eddie what he really wants.

After Eddie is threatened, Alistair is worried he won’t want to stick around any more. But Eddie likes the idea of a partner who can defend him, physically or otherwise – he just needs to show Alistair how much he appreciates that.

Dominated by the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book Three)

Alistair huffed out a laugh. “Oh, you’ll enjoy tonight, I promise you that. You’ve been so good, Eddie.”

Eddie couldn’t help it; he whimpered, and for a moment, the line between them went still. Alistair let out a shaky breath.

“Get here, Eddie,” he said, nothing teasing or playful in his voice, and hung up.

Neither Eddie nor Alistair could have expected that a week away from each other would have them craving each other so much, but it’s enough to have Eddie sending a cheeky little video – and Alistair choosing to tease Eddie in return.

When Alistair finally comes back, Eddie is desperate to show him just how much Eddie missed him – but Alistair’s determined to get there first.

Bewitched by the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book Four)

“Look at you,” Pascal managed. “On your knees because I told you to be there. On your knees for a vampire, begging like I own you-“

Pascal would rather work with any other hunter than unfairly attractive Wyatt. Still, they’re on the hunt for a rogue vampire, which means they’re stuck together – including sharing just the one bed.

It’s not long before the simmering tension between them spills over and Pascal is more than a little surprised when he gets to take charge.

Still, how long can this go on? Especially if they don’t even like each other?

Betraying the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book Five)

Wyatt nipped at Pascal’s jaw reproachfully. “He is a kid,” he said. “I mean, he’s an adult, but I’m not interested.”

“He was very interested.”

Wyatt smirked and sucked on Pascal’s earlobe before pulling back. “Jealousy looks good on you, princess.”

It’s been two weeks since Pascal had roguish Hunter Wyatt submitting to his every whim, and he’s surprised to find he can’t stop thinking about him.

A chance encounter has Pascal staking his claim again and giving Wyatt everything he needs, but when a vampire with a grudge against Wyatt comes between them, how long will they last?

Belonging to the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book Six)

“I think you’ve forgotten that your pretty, fragile vampire is a predator. What if I decide to hunt you?”

“You’ll have to catch me.”

“Let’s say I do. Corner you in some dark, secluded place. What would you let me do?”

After his almost-violent encounter with a vampire, Wyatt is starting to doubt the connection between he and dominant Pascal.

Pascal’s determined to show Wyatt just how good they are together. When Wyatt finds himself in danger, Pascal races to save him, but will their relationship survive the changes that take place?

Enthralled by the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book Seven)

“I told you about your filthy mouth already, boy,” Dominic said, and when Tomos opened his eyes again, they were almost black from the way his pupils had blown.

He licked his bottom lip again. “Want to make it filthier?”

Dominic’s a vampire old enough to know what he wants – control. And he wants a lover who’s absolutely willing to submit to him.

He’s not expecting young, slim Tomos, a hunter who knows what he wants, too. Even if he doesn’t quite know how to voice it.

Stuck in the club, Dominic gets Tomos to put on a show for his eyes only, but how far will they go for each other?

Exposed by the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book Eight)

Knox’s smile widened, softening slightly, as he looked Tomos over. He perched in Harland’s lap. “You look like the kind of man who could hold a guy down.”

Tomos flushed to the roots of his hair. He hadn’t gone tense in Dominic’s arms and his return gaze was assessing, despite his red cheeks.

He lifted his chin a little. “That how you like it?”

Dominic isn’t the only vampire with his… proclivities, and he’s eager to introduce Tomos to the rest of his friends. He’s certain it’ll be fun to see Tomos play with someone new.

Tomos isn’t as sure, but the idea intrigues him. He’s not really fooled around with humans before and although Dominic is in control of him, it might give Tomos the chance to take control, too.

How much fun will Tomos and Dominic have with these vampires and their boys?

Punished by the Vampire (Fanged Lovers, Book Nine)

“You know you’ll have to be punished for this,” Dominic said. “It’s one thing for you to play with the other boys, but you shouldn’t disobey one of us.”

Tomos’ eyes met his, just for a second. Dominic reached for his hip. Was he pushing him too far? It was one thing for Tomos to submit to him, but this was… more. He would be submitting to all the other vampires here, in a way.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, eyes dropping again. “I’m sorry.”

Tomos might be happy to submit to Dominic, but when it comes to playing with the other vampires’ lover, he doesn’t mind taking the more dominant role.

Still, after he and Matis work out some of their frustration and break Reid’s only rule, Dominic knows what he needs: to be punished. And luckily, Dominic has just the machine to do it.

Fanged Lovers – The Nine-Book Box Set!

Nine vampire-themed MM(MMMM) short stories in one set!

Follow Eddie and Alistair, Wyatt and Pascal, and Tomos and Dominic as three vampires find their sexy human mates.

In Mastered by the Vampire, Defended by the Vampire, and Dominated by the Vampire, Eddie might be a big guy, but he’s willing to fall to his knees for the right man – or vampire. Is Alistair just who he’s been looking for?

In Bewitched by the Vampire, Betraying the Vampire, and Belonging to the Vampire, Hunter Wyatt is forced to team up with Pascal, a buttoned-up vampire who he has nothing in common with. You know what they say, though. Opposites attract…

In Enthralled by the Vampire, Exposed by the Vampire, and Punished by the Vampire, young hunter Tomos finds himself willing to do absolutely anything the vampire Dominic says. Even if that means taking his punishment…

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