Pillaged Booty: The Story So Far…

Alston’s looking for an adventure.

He finds it in the form of Roark Burton, first mate aboard The Damnation, who offers him a job as cabin boy for the mysterious Captain Hale. Alston can’t help himself. The captain fulfils every fantasy he didn’t know he had… so it’s really not a hard decision to make when he asks Alston to get on his knees.

Roark’s not one to be left out, though he wants to try Alston alone, first. Where Hale likes to dominate, Roark is more flexible and is happy to take orders from his captain so long as he can tell their cabin boy what to do.

Hale might be a greedy pirate, but he likes it when others know just what he possesses. He wants to show the whole crew what a good boy Alston can be – that he can follow orders even with their hands all over him. After all, only he and Roark get to take what they really want.

Taken by the Pirate (Pillaged Booty, Book One)

“An obedient boy, are you?” the captain said quietly.

His tone was dangerous. Fire licked down Alston’s spine. He nodded.

Captain Hale held his gaze for a long moment. Alston didn’t dare move. He wanted this job, but also something else, something he couldn’t yet name.

Alston’s looking for adventure, and it comes in the form of ruggedly charming Roark Burton, first mate on board The Damnation. And it’s not just the first mate who has Alston wanting.

Captain Hale is stern and mysterious and values obedience in his cabin boy above all else. It’s not long before Alston realises – he’ll have to prove just how good he can be.

Performing for the Pirates (Pillaged Booty, Book Two)

Roark grinned. “First rule of piracy is taking what you want,” he said, and leaned in so his lips were against Alston’s ear. “And you’re so pretty when you take it.”

The whole crew knows what the new cabin boy has been getting up to with their domineering captain, but Roark’s the only one who’s been watching.

Still, he wants to do more than that, and Captain Hale wants Roark to use his very capable hands to take care of Alston, too.

Besides, Roark is the best one to teach Alston the truth: they both belong to Captain Hale, anyway.

Displayed for the Pirates (Pillaged Booty, Book Three)

“Feel good?” Alston asked, a hint of teasing in his eyes.

“You know it does,” Roark groaned. “You know he makes it good.”

After taking on another ship, and seeing Alston take down his first man, Captain Hale is feeling particularly possessive. He wants everyone to know who his cabin boy belongs to.

Alston’s more than game. He and Roark have had their fun in public and he’s willing to take it that step further with the captain.

Namely, have the captain tie him up and allow his crew to do whatever they like with him.

It’s not like he’ll allow his cabin boy to forget who he belongs to.

Pillaged Booty – The Three-Book Box Set!

Three pirate-themed MM(M) short stories in one set!

Follow Alston’s journey as he joins a pirate crew and learns at the hands of his very capable and dominant captain.

In Taken by the Pirate, Alston learns just what it means to be Captain Hale’s cabin boy – he has to be ready on his knees at a moment’s notice!

In Performing for the Pirates, it’s not just Hale who has his eye on Alston. His first mate, Roark, wants a taste, and Hale’s inclined to let him.

And finally, in Displayed for the Pirates, Alston puts his new skills to use by servicing the entire crew under the captain’s careful supervision.

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