The Vampire’s Husbands: The Story So Far…

Amos knew when he rode off to war that he was leaving his lover behind. He expected to survive or die… not to endure as one of the undead.

Warren is unwilling to give up on a love whose body was never found. They unite once again, but it seems the universe has plans beyond the two of them.

Caelan might be untouched, but he’s not unwilling. Amos and Warren fascinate and fluster him in equal terms. Maybe, with them, he can have a life beyond anything he’s ever dreamt of.

Florian is a hunter, but the moment he sees a photo of Amos and Warren, he finds himself fighting an attraction stronger than he’s ever felt. The burn of humiliation at being captured is nothing compared to what they can give him, and what he wants to take.

Just how many mates can one vampire have?

United with the Vampire (The Vampire’s Husbands, Book One)

“He had his hands on you, Warren, and you are mine.”

Amos, son of a lord, knows he will never love anyone the way he loves Warren, one of the keep’s servants. When he rides off to war and does not return, Warren takes it upon himself to find him.

The man he finds is changed in more ways than one, but Warren thinks he is not so different from the man he loved. Still, he will have to teach Amos to trust himself again – even if that means tying him up and showing Amos just how much they mean to one another.

Enchanted by the Vampires (The Vampire’s Husbands, Book Two)

“Amos will get you ready for me,” Warren said against Caelan’s mouth. “You want to take all of me, right?”

When Caelan meets a handsome stranger on his walk home at night, he doesn’t think anything will come of it. But then he wakes the next day with a bite mark on his neck and a mess in his pants and he knows he wants more.

Amos isn’t the only vampire drawn to the pretty human. Warren doesn’t want to stay away either, not when the fire between the three of them burns so hot.

Could it be that vampires can have more than one mate?

Captured by the Vampires (The Vampire’s Husbands, Book Three)

“I – I can please you,” Florian said with a whimper. “I mean, I can try. I’m a quick learner, I can do it, I can—”

Florian might be a hunter, but even he can‘t fight the draw he feels to the two vampires they‘ve been sent to capture. When he finds the pretty third one, he‘s willing to succumb to them all.

Caelan is more than willing to tease information out of Florian in any way he can. Warren knows just the kind of brash, dominant hand the inexperienced hunter needs.

And Amos… he‘s more than willing to fight for their desperate new mate. After all, he knows they‘ll all use Florian to satisfy their every need after.

Title TBC (The Vampire’s Husbands, Book Four)

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