Breaking Him In: The Story So Far…

Lucky knows better than to let his eyes linger on the gorgeous men who work on his father’s ranch, but he just can’t help himself.

There’s Duke, his father’s right-hand man. He’s far older than Lucky, but Lucky’s sure that just means he has enough experience for the both of them. When Duke comes across Lucky touching himself in the barn, well, what’s a boy to do but invite him to play?

Cooper spies on the two of them and, with Duke’s blessing, sets to teaching Lucky a few new things himself. He’s always been skilled with a rope, and it just so turns out that Lucky likes being chased.

And when Lucky’s father is away, it’s time for the rest of the ranch hands to play. They all work together to take Lucky apart, giving him just what he wants – and exactly what he needs.

First Time on the Ranch (Breaking Him In, Book One)

“I told you…”

“Not askin’ you for a damn thing,” Lucky snapped back. “You came here to watch, you can watch.”

Lucky might never have been touched, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he wants. He’s set his sights firmly on Duke, one of his father’s cowhands. Lucky’s sure the older man has more than enough experience to treat him right.

Duke’s willing to cross that line, but only on his own terms. Lucky will have to learn to be obedient if he’s going to get what he needs.

Tied Up on the Ranch (Breaking Him In, Book Two)

“Such a good boy,” Cooper murmured, and the moan slipped out of Lucky’s mouth before he could help himself.

“Oh, is it like that?”

After an amazing night with the dominating Duke, Lucky can’t help the way his eyes linger on the other ranch hands.

He’s surprised to find Cooper’s looking right back.

A routine task has them both far away from any interruptions and gives Lucky the chance to show Cooper just how good he can be. But can he really take everything Cooper wants to give him?

Shared on the Ranch (Breaking Him In, Book Three)

Cooper grinned. “You think you don’t already have all those men wrapped around your pretty little finger?” He kissed Lucky again, harder this time. “They’ll do anything you ask them to, baby.”

Lucky’s stomach fluttered in anticipation. “Really?”

Cooper nodded. “Really,” he said.

Lucky and Cooper might have been having some naughty fun together, but there are plenty of other ranch hands looking to get in on the action. And with Lucky’s father away on business, they’ve got the perfect opportunity to break Lucky in.

Can Lucky handle all five domineering ranch hands, or is Duke still the only one who can really give him what he wants?

Breaking Him In – The Three-Book Box Set!

Three western-themed MM(MMMMM) short stories in one set!

Follow Lucky as he goes from being untouched to catering to every whim of the men who work his father’s ranch.

In First Time on the Ranch, Lucky finally gets a taste of Duke, his father’s right-hand man, and enjoys a hard and dirty first time.

In Tied Up on the Ranch, cowhand Cooper chases Lucky down, ties him up, and gives him everything he begs for.

And finally, in Shared on the Ranch, Lucky finally visits the bunkhouse and lets all the men use him before he’s handed over to Duke as a reward.

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